Live Trading Session

James Huckle circleThis is for people who want to see how a professional trader, trades the markets for a living. With all of your questions answered, it is great for those who “need to see it to believe it”.

Enter Our Virtual Trading Room

How it all works

sole-trader-icon2Are you an experienced trader but struggling to put it all together? Maybe you are not sure if trading is even possible? We are here to pick up the pieces and show you how to achieve consistent profitability.
teachersShare the instructor’s virtual desktop and watch him place live trades and ask questions as the market unfolds. This should give you all of the information and motivation you need to succeed on your own.
calenders3The duration of each session is around 3 hours in either the European or American sessions (7-11am),(1-4pm),(6-9pm). Usually trading Forex, Indices and Commodities.
Example of the topics that are usually by the instructor:
  • Free consultation to identify the clients knowledge about trading the markets, indicators,brokers,etc.
  • Once established, we’ll go through how you deal with fundamental, economic and technical data throughout the trading session.
  • We will go through how professional traders use important charting techniques such as trend lines, channels, moving averages and support and resistance.
  • We will study different indicators and how they can be applied properly in intra-day trading when looking for momentum and extremes in price.
  • The most important part of trading is being able to read price action and apply the strategies properly. We will go through the nascences of today’s’ algo driven markets.

Want More, Try Our Live Trading Courses

Intermediate (Level 2)

This will get you applying simple but effective strategies taught by us. You will gain years worth of trading experience by immersing yourself in the market action. We are here every step of the way to show you how to plan and review your trades.View Course

Experienced (Level 3)

Get taught the most advanced and profitable strategies. The setups are faster and the profits are bigger. Automated trading technology and advanced money management will get you making lightening fast decisions and minimising risk.View Course